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Prior 2022-2023 CBIAC Governing Board

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Shani D. Carter, Ph.D.

New York, USA


Shani D. Carter, Ph.D. is a Professor of Business at Wagner College. She has been at Wagner College since the fall 2015. 

Dr. Carter is the founder of CBIAC, which she created in 2016 after attending the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Carter received a Ph.D. in Industrial and Labor Relations (Personnel/Human Resource Studies, Labor Economics, and Research Methods) from Cornell University, a M.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations (Personnel/Human Resource Studies and Labor Economics) from Cornell University, and a B.A. in Government from Cornell University.

Dr. Carter teaches courses in: Human Resource Management; Organizational Behavior; Leadership; and Thesis / Practicum. Dr. Carter has published more than 40 articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings on Human Resources and Assessment of Student Learning.

Dr. Carter has traveled extensively for business and leisure to many globally important cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and she enjoys sharing her love of international travel with her students.

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