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Stevens Institute of Technology


Stevens has been defining the future for 150 years. Known as "America's First Family of Inventors," the Stevens family changed the face of American engineering forever, designing steamboats, locomotives, railroad tracks and a host of other technical innovations that powered a new nation.
Since then, Stevens has produced graduates that have invented IMAP, bubble wrap, the Gantt chart and the mobile.
Today, the students continue this legacy, taking on the challenges of a rapidly changing work and working across disciplines to create solutions from AI and fintech to nanotech and sustainability.

Just A Girl Initiatives - JAGI

Just A Girl Logo.JPG


Just A Girl Initiative is a non-for-profit that was established in late 2014 by Liberian Journalist, Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh. The initiative was birthed out of a conviction after Evelyn investigated and produced a detailed radio documentary on the growing wave of teenage prostitution in post-war Liberia. After documenting the stories of some young commercial sex workers, Evelyn felt onus to help rescue and empower some of the girls.

From sowing a seed of helping Just 4 girls, the organization has grown and has touched the lives of over 250 girls, women, and youths. The organization does this through the provisions of vocational and economic empowerment, education, advocacy, mentorship, sexual and reproductive health education, agriculture, community service & volunteerism, civic awareness, and training.

The organization’s program and interventions has over the years extended and is now benefiting other girls and women across communities who are not commercial sex workers, but they lack  access to opportunities to empower and advance their lives.


CPEVS - Center for Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, and Vocational Skills Training Institute

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

We focus on training, equipping, mentoring and empowering through entrepreneurship, professionalism and vocational skills.

Nos centramos en la capacitación, el equipamiento, la tutoría y el empoderamiento a través del emprendimiento, el profesionalismo y las habilidades vocacionales.

Odyssey Opticians Ltd


Nairobi, Kenya

Odyssey Opticians Ltd (OOL) is a specialized eye care service provider which was established in the year 2011 as an optical eye care service provider in Kenya.

One of our key objectives is to eradicate blindness in Kenya through the provision of quality and quantity eye care services within the Ministry of Health guidelines and regulation including all other government agencies.

We have qualified and accredited medical team, led by a specialty ophthalmologists with vast experience, skills, knowledge and expertise in ophthalmology to tackle vast range of medical illness and conditions facing people in today’s world.


Stand Foundation Trust


Stand Foundation addresses inequality and discrimination faced by young women and girls in Zimbabwe.

Mid NJ ATD - Association for Talent Development


New Jersey, United States

The mission of the Mid NJ ATD Chapter is to empower our members to positively impact their communities, it’s people and organizations, by improving training and talent development programs.

We do this by:

  •       Connecting professionals

  •       Sharing knowledge and practices

  •       Developing foundational knowledge and expertise

  •       Growing Opportunities

George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences and Technology Neumarkt am Mieresch (UMFST Neumarkt a. M.)


The George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences and Technology Neumarkt am Mieresch (UMFST Neumarkt a. M.) is a state medical university based in the Romanian city of Neumarkt am Mieresch (Romanian: Targu Mures). Neumarkt a. M. is located in the Transylvania region.

At the UMFST Neumarkt a. A total of over 11,000 students study here. This makes it the largest medical university in Romania. The medical field includes three faculties: the Faculty of Human Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy. Due to the international orientation of the university and the multicultural region, various bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs are offered in Romanian, English and Hungarian. With the UMCH, the UMFST opens Neumarkt a. M. now has a branch in Germany for the first time , where you can start studying medicine in English without NC. It meets all the requirements of Section 117a of the Hamburg University Act.

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